Be Rooted. Stand Out. Tell Your Story.

Inspired by the boundless spirit of the Great American Frontier, Desperado believes in creating statement apparel that lets you express your individuality and authenticity. We exist to root you in your values and empower you to take risks. Drawing inspiration from the sweeping landscapes of the Wild West, our collections are designed for women who don't just follow stories but write their own. Desperado is here to give you confidence on your journey, serving as a badge of courage to unlock the frontier within you.

Introducing the Western Rider Leather Jacket

Designed by Lucy in Colorado, USA, this Desperado jacket is inspired by the western way of life while remaining tasteful and timeless. Our Western Rider Leather Jacket is meant to be worn, holding your memories and stories until the end of time. Our goal is for this statement piece to start conversation no matter where you ride and allow you to share your unique story.

Handcrafted by Artisans

Our naked cowhide jacket is hand-crafted in León, Mexico, a city with the motto 'el trabajo todo lo vence' meaning 'work conquers all'. The artisans are hardworking and carry over 200 years of heritage rooted in leatherworking. We are proud to say that each artisan behind this jacket embodies Desperado GRIT: Generosity, Rootedness, Individualism and Timelessness.

Designed for Trailblazing Women

Crafted from sustainably-sourced cowhide, our leather jacket has a distinctive twisted fringe along the arms and back and the first of its kind to have pearl snap closures. Featuring intricate embroidery with a bluebell design on the yoke and embossed Desperado rodeo rose horseshoe logo on the left cuff, our beautiful golden-colored jacket is the perfect neutral to complete either a causal look on the ranch or dressy outfit for a night out at the saloon.

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