Happy Fourth of July from Desperado!

Happy Fourth of July from Desperado!

Happy Fourth of July! We hope your long weekend is filled with delicious food and patriotic events as you celebrate the birth of American independence. 

Here at Desperado, the Fourth is one of our favorite American holidays. From each high flying flag to the stylish red, white, and blue outfits to the spectacular evening firework shows, we are reminded of the rich history and complex founding of our nation. The spirit of independence and patriotism celebrated on this day reminds us of Desperado’s mission to encourage women to confidently honor their roots and share their personal stories. 

As we celebrate the values of independence and grit, it’s fitting to reflect on the long-standing tradition of leather craftsmanship and fashion in the USA, which is deeply intertwined with our nation's history as well as our business.

Leather’s history can be traced back about 400,000 years to when early humans used animal skins to create insulated clothing to wear during cold weather. Over time, Europeans, Greeks, and Spaniards began establishing leather tanning mills, producing various types of leather. And these techniques made their way to America with early colonial settlers. 

Eventually, colonial settlers ventured westward and encountered abundant herds of cattle. Skilled artisans honed their craft, creating leather saddles, harnesses, and shoes. This marked the beginning of leather’s popularity in the Wild West. The durability, functionality, and style of leather appealed to the masses who embraced the Cowboy lifestyle, with items like belts, cowboy boots, and holsters becoming iconic symbols of the Pioneer era. 

The Wild West’s iconic fashion serves as a symbol of the grit and independent spirit we embody at Desperado. In this era, leather clothing was deeply rooted in practicality; yet, pieces frequently reflected personal style and regional influences. From fringe to beadwork to intricate stitching, customized decorative elements brought personality to leather goods. With our inaugural Women’s Western Rider Leather Jacket, we pay homage to the great American Frontier with a high quality yet fashionable jacket that serves to remind us of our roots and celebrates our individuality. 

We wish you all a happy Fourth of July! May this day remind us all of our own unique heritage and the journey that brought us to where we are today.

- xoxo Lucy

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