How to style your Desperado Leather Jacket

How to style your Desperado Leather Jacket

A timeless leather jacket has been a staple of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember! To me, leather jackets are the perfect balance of functionality and fashion, with incredible versatility that transcends both trends and seasons. Whether you're headed to a fancy dinner or needing a cute but casual outfit for everyday errands, a leather jacket is the perfect statement piece to pull any outfit together.

Unlike the typical black biker jacket, our golden-colored Western Rider Leather Jacket resonates the spirit of the Great American West and is perfect for a western-inspired look. I’ve loved wearing my Desperado jacket and want to share four of my favorite styling recommendations with you. 

Look 1: The Classic Western Look

For a timeless and authentically Western style, pair your Desperado jacket with a rancher hat, a neutral-colored top, a chunky belt, your favorite blue jeans, and a good ole’ pair of cowboy boots. This outfit is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether you’re heading to a rodeo, spending an afternoon riding at the ranch, or listening to Kasey Musgraves at Stagecoach. The rancher hat and chunky belt add a rugged flair, while the neutral top keeps the focus on our beautifully crafted leather jacket. Blue jeans and cowboy boots complete the look, offering both comfort and a nod to classic Western fashion. This outfit provides the perfect balance of functionality and style, ensuring you look effortlessly cool while embracing the spirit of the West.

Look 2: A Night Out at the Saloon

Planning to grab a drink with friends or heading out on a first date with someone special? Your Desperado leather jacket can be a great conversation starter, revealing a deeper meaning about your and your values. Pair it with a white slip dress, pumps, and dainty jewelry for an intriguing look that invites curiosity. The contrast of the delicate dress with our bold jacket creates a captivating balance, ensuring you'll turn heads and spark interest wherever the night takes you.

Look 3: Business Casual (With a Twist)

Imagine this: you've just finished breakfast and find yourself contemplating what to wear to work. Today, seize the opportunity to inject a dash of personality into your typical work attire and stand out among your colleagues. Opt for a chic sweater dress paired with our sleek leather jacket, complemented by a stylish pair of booties and your trusty briefcase. This ensemble not only exudes confidence but also effortlessly blends professionalism with a touch of Western flair. Embrace the morning with a look that commands attention from 9 AM onward.

Look 4: Road Trip Style

It’s that time of year again—your annual road trip with your best friends—and you’re aiming for a cozy yet Instagram-ready outfit that’s perfect for capturing memories along the way. Enter our versatile leather jacket, your ultimate travel companion. Pair it effortlessly with a classic white top, your comfiest leggings, and some sneakers. Trust me, this combination will have your comment section flooded with compliments and love, all thanks to the stylish impact of your jacket. Whether you're posing at scenic stops or capturing candid moments on the road, this ensemble ensures you're both chic and ready for adventure.

From fancy to casual, I've found my Desperado jacket is a piece I'm always reaching for to stylishly showcase my roots. I can’t wait to see how you incorporate this staple into your wardrobe and add your own stylish flair to your looks!

- xoxo Lucy 

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