Tradition Woven in Leather - The History of León

Tradition Woven in Leather - The History of León

At Desperado, we believe clothing is more than fabric and stitching; it’s a medium for self-expression and authenticity. Storytelling is woven into the very foundation of Desperado, reflected not only in our business model but also in the history of our leather.

Inspired by León's deeply rooted tradition of excellence, we source our hand-crafted leather from this vibrant Mexican city. Situated right in the heart of Mexico, León boasts a rich history of storytelling through leather, making it the ideal place to hand-craft our jackets.

Mexico's leather industry has a storied past, dating back centuries to when indigenous peoples utilized natural resources for durable clothing and footwear. The Spanish colonization introduced European leather-making techniques, which, combined with indigenous methods, led to a flourishing leather industry. About 200 years ago, León emerged as a major center for leather production and continues its leadership to date. 

In León, leatherworking is a way of life. The city's motto, "El trabajo todo lo vence" – work conquers all – is embodied by the skilled leather artisans whose meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship define our Western Rider Leather Jacket’s pearl snap closures and intricate embroidery.

This tradition is often passed down through generations, with many artisans’ heritage and family stories deeply intertwined with the leather industry. These intergenerational artisans, fueled by family and faith, take immense pride in their work, embedding their spirit into each leather piece they delicately craft.

Inspired by tradition, storytelling, and family, Desperado celebrates the artisans of León and their city’s history. Each of our jackets not only showcases top-notch craftsmanship but also tells a story of tradition in every stitch. 

-xoxo Lucy

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