“I've noticed something over the years—in this world of fast fashion, many of us are searching for something with greater meaning. We want clothes that do more than just cover us; we want clothes that speak for us, that tell our stories and reflect our dreams. That's why I created Desperado. Our pieces are crafted to be timeless, telling the story of trailblazing women who wear them—not just today, but for years to come.”

After moving from Colorado to Illinois for graduate school, Lucy Grierson wanted to honor her roots and express her authentic confidence through her wardrobe. Recognizing an opportunity in the Western-wear market, she founded Desperado to create timeless apparel for trailblazing women like herself, enabling them to tell their stories through their clothing. Desperado’s statement pieces, created with sustainably-sourced leather and top-notch craftsmanship, pay homage to the heritage and grit of the Great American West.

When you wear Desperado, you’re not just making a fashion statement—you’re carrying forward a legacy of courage, independence, and creativity. 


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